Safer Apart Policies



The YMCA of South Alabama strives to create an economically sustainable environment for a positive employee and/or member experience within post COVID-19 YMCA of South Alabama facilities, while prioritizing and representing the YMCA tenets of social responsibility and healthy living in all business practices.


For the health, wellness and safety of all YSAL members, the below YMCA of South Alabama facility membership amenities will now be open on a modified basis; each individual member assuming personal responsibility when participating.

Sign up for timeslots at the Welcome Center.

Members may enter at their own risk and assume personal responsibility.

Members may use saunas at their own risk and assume personal responsibility.

Remain open at 50% capacity due to demand and cleaning protocol.

Will be open on a limited basis. See branch hours for designated court schedules.

Studios will increase capacities, encouraging social distancing in every class. Members strongly encouraged to wipe down shared equipment with provided sanitization products.


will no longer contain “closed” signage. Members may use all available equipment pieces, while continuing to sanitize each after usage with provided antibacterial/antiviral products. Congregating in groups on the fitness floor discouraged; the Y will continue to encourage social distancing. YMCA fitness staff will continue to monitor cleanliness of equipment, wiping down often.


1. Member face coverings no longer required upon entry.

2. Mobile and Baldwin county guests welcome with a $10 guest fee upon entry.

National reciprocity will not be recognized at this time.

3. Common area tables and chairs remain removed.

4. Coffee stations remain removed.

5. New post pandemic signage placed throughout each facility, reminding members of sanitization practices.

6. YMCA phone systems monitored and answered.

7. Water fountains remain closed. Water bottle fillers available in each branch.

8. Vending machines available.

9. YMCA child watch services available in 90-minute increments. Reservations required.

10. Daily midday closure cleaning for BDS, NMY, HCY–1:30pm to 2:30pm. Moorer Y–branch closure at 2pm.